Astoria Day Excursion

Astoria Day Tour

Tour Length: 6-hours; year round

Departs: June 15, July 7/18, September 7/16/18/19/23/24/26/27/30, October 1/2/3/21. (Groups 6 or more)

Departure Time: 9:00 am

Pricing: $75.00 per person

Pick Up Location: Contact us for pick up locations in Astoria

Includes: Pick up & Drop off, transportation and Tour Guide (Lunch own your own)

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Itinerary Summary: Oregon’s coastline is graced with unforgettable vistas: dramatic cliffs, offshore rocks and sea lions, wide sandy beaches, majestic capes, historic lighthouses, enchanted forests and lovely small beach towns which artists and artisans make their home. Along the coast we will visit Historic Astoria and Fort Clatsop which includes the following sites: Panoramic tour of Astoria Column with view over Astoria, Columbia River & Megler Bridge Tour, Fort Clatsop, Columbia River Maritime Museum.

We will pick you up and start our day excursion in Astoria, Oregon!

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Our first stop of the day will be at Fort Clatsop. Fort Clatsop was the winter encampment for the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery from December 1805 to March 1806. The visitor center includes a replica of Fort Clatsop similar to the one built by the explorers, an interpretive center offering an exhibit hall, gift shop and two films. The center features ranger-led programs, costumed rangers in the fort and trailheads for the Fort To Sea Trail and Netul River Trail as well as restrooms and a picnic area.


We will then drive over the Astoria-Megler Bridge! You cannot miss it when you are in town.  The Astoria-Megler Bridge towers over the western end of Astoria.  The opportunity to cross the bridge is something to delight in – being out on the river and taking in the unparalleled view.  The bridge is an icon that resonates with those who have experienced it. Beautiful no matter the weather, the bridge is glorious on a clear, sunny day and has an air of mystery when shrouded by fog.

We will stop for lunch in downtown Astoria and you can choose from any of the wonderful cafes and restaurants.  Maybe even try some locally brewed craft beer!


After lunch, we will visit the Astoria Column. The Column is the “crowning monument” in a series of 12 historical markers constructed between St. Paul, Minnesota and Astoria, Oregon. These markers were the pet project of Ralph Budd, who was president of the Great Northern Railroad at the time. Budd and other businessmen and scholars wanted to celebrate Astoria’s early settlers for their role in expanding the United States to the Pacific Coast. You will love the views from the top of the Astoria Column.  Don’t forget to stop at the Gift Store to buy a bamboo airplane that you can throw from the top!

Our last stop of the day will be at the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Discover the stories of the legendary Columbia River Bar, one of the most dangerous passages in the world, at the nationally renowned Columbia River Maritime Museum. Explore the extreme forces at work along the Columbia River Bar. Learn about waves that can exceed 40 feet in height during the most severe winter storms. See exciting exhibits on the U.S. Coast Guard and the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Witness the legendary salmon fishing runs and take a tour of a floating lighthouse, the lightship Columbia.

After our visit to the museum you will have the option of staying in Astoria to explore more or we will take you back to the Port of Astoria where you can board the ship.

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