Marcus began giving Willamette Valley Wine tours in 2016 with two local companies, which was a natural transition after working at a winery for two years. He came on with Hub in March of 2017.  He’s since expanded into non-wine tours, allowing him to more broadly utilize his background conducting research and teaching in ecology and natural resources.  For Marcus, learning is just as much fun as teaching, and doing Portland city tours has inspired him to become more knowledgeable on the history of his hometown, allowing him to contrast it with the other states and provinces he lived in for 15 years.

“When I am teaching/guiding people it is my responsibility to connect with them and help them feel comfortable, regardless of their beliefs, genes, or lifestyle.”  Marcus knows that different guests will have different interests and goals on their travels, and thus makes an effort to ensure everybody gets a taste of something that they can especially appreciate.

Marcus’ own travel interests are wide; he has spent time in Europe and Japan, as well as travel throughout the North American West……The Southern Hemisphere is in his sights.