Tour Length: Appr. 3.0- 3.5 hours
Dates: Offered Year Round Daily (Except Wednesday)
Departure Time: 9:00am and 2:00pm
Hotel pick-up: Pick up and Drop off at select hotels in downtown Portland.
Group Size: 4-10 people per tour and customized for groups 10-50 people.

Tour Requirements: A minimum of 4 or more people are required before the tour will operate
Cost: $100 per person (Require groups of 4 or more to confirm departure)

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North Mississippi Pic

The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland!
Now you can experience and follow the Portlandia Dream through many of the key film locations. We don’t just show you show locations, we show you the highlights that make Portland unique and inspired Fred and Carrie to create the show. You will be talking to our local guides who live it daily. Optional to come dressed in costume or just take in all there is to see… Either way, you’re going to experience what makes Portland so Weird-Fun-Foodie!

It seems so wrong to dip a donut into sacred Stumptown Coffee, but if you must, make it a Miami Vice Berry or consider that Bacon Maple Bar; both from Voodoo Doughnut and remember Portlandia’s “Coffee Shop Manifesto” baristas in Portland are artists and highly qualified (some with doctorate degrees in subjects like rainforest ethno botany). So, don’t be irresponsible when ordering; we take our coffee seriously! Did I mention included is one Voodoo Donut and a cup of coffee. You’re sure to pass by The Ace Hotel where you can buy custom bow ties, request a rubber ducky or order Stumptown coffee room service. And like Portlandia’s “Deuce Hotel” skit, some rooms come with turntables.

Portlandia Tour Pic G.

Of course you can’t be a true Portlander without hearing us talk about the bike scene, — one such skit was shot outside the iconic, block-wide Powell’s Books. If you’re in the mood for a beer we have 52 breweries in Portland. There’s even gluten-free brewing. Or you can visit the fragrant Rose Gardens or 600+ food carts downtown afterward on your own.


We set off to discover rare species of native birds wandering the city.
WAIT! “Put a Bird On It”
We include a stop at Land Gallery. This quirky quote came about when Bryce and Lisa go into a home décor store and start applying birds on everything, to improve how it looks and feels, from tote bags, lamps, cards to tea pots, until an actual bird flies in and they become disgusted by it. Now, you too can take home a treasure and “put a bird on it”.
Continuing on our shopping theme we stop at Rock & Rose: “Vintage Clothing Store” is where Carrie plays a customer trying to sell clothes to a vintage clothing store only to be ridiculed verbally and in sign language for her lack of style by a judgmental clerk. Rock and Rose carries vintage and locally produced awesome new garments.

Our next film location is Mississippi Marketplace Food Carts: “Stu’s Stews” is an episode where Donald can’t figure out why they can’t sell or even give away any samples of their stew. It is filmed across from the Mississippi Marketplace where you can enjoy a variety of meals including Asian, BBQ, and Breakfast Sandwiches. Portland has too many foodie hot spots to name. It has cold spots too, for that matter, like ice cream joint, Salt and Straw, Paxton Gate scene of the Knott episode. There’s The Meadow for salt, chocolate and bitters; and Sunlan lighting — oh and cool bathroom fixtures that make you wish to use the loo twice.

North Mississippi b

We continue our NO TAX! Shopping at Women & Women First Bookstore: This was the setting in an episode where a customer unwittingly uses the bookstore restroom ignoring the “4 customers only” sign and then is forced to buy something from the feminist bookstore. In Other Words is a non-profit, volunteer run, feminist community center that serves as a book store, a lending library and a venue for feminist events.

Aberta Street

Your tour guide will share other information and point out some additional locations throughout the tour where Portlandia was filmed. Including Alberta Street Neighborhood rich in history, cultural and one of Portland’s most diverse communities. On Alberta Street you will find yourself immersed in the culture of Portlandia. As we drive through the neighborhood join us in discussion about “The dream of the 90s”, the 1890s, 1950s and pretty much any period you want to embody. There will be conversation regarding getting your ‘stache waxed, mutton chops trimmed or a straight-edge shave at Modern Man Barber Shop, where the aftershaves are all custom-made. See turn-of-the-century lumberjack food (thick-cut bacon, grits and fried chicken with gravy) at Pine State Biscuits.

Alberta Street. b Pic

En route to our next film location we will drive through Laurelhurst neighborhood to Oblique Coffee Roasters: “Funny Evite Replies” In this episode Patton Oswalt as Thor83 posts funny replies to an online evite while at the coffee shop. Oblique Coffee Roasters is a Victorian Coffee Mercantile with scrumtrulescent beans micro roasted in a German cast iron roaster named Bart!

We include Buckman School, Shooting Star Academy where Season 2, Episode 4: Fred and Carey want to get Grover into a good kindergarten to ensure his future.

Verna Katz Esplanade where Season 1, Episode 1: The dream of the ‘90s is alive in Portland

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