Sarah Gilbert is a writer, mother of three boys, and passionate bicyclist, and finds her church in the forests, basalt walls, and waterfalls. She is finishing a books of essays called Invasive Species: Things I have learned outside of school.

In her four years as a tour guide, Sarah has developed or honed expertise in a wide variety of areas, especially wine, geologic history, Lewis & Clark and the Oregon trail, and Native American mythology. She’s always hungry, and prefers to recommend restaurants, breweries and food carts that are a little outside the usual top 10 lists. She’s enjoyed getting to know her native Portland in a much richer and nuanced way through her time telling stories about the place and answering questions she never would have thought to ask.

Being a tour guide means that she’s always traveling in the stories her guests tell her, and her list of next destinations is ever longer. If you have a great story about the waterfalls in Bhutan, the weeping apricot blossoms in Kyoto, or the 12 Apostles in Australia — or something better — please share!